My Projector is cutting itself off….

As cold weather has hit us, many of our teachers are turning on the heat in their rooms for the first time this year.    We have had several instances of the projectors then overheating and turning themselves off during the day.

The projector is designed to tolerate some heat, but to control heat buildup through a series of cooling channels through which cool air (room temperature) is drawn by a fan through a foam filter (to keep dust out).

If the room air is too warm and/or anything interferes with the cooling air (blockage/constriction around the projector, dirty intake filter), the projector will run hot and (normally) at some point a protective circuit will turn off the projector (or at least the lamp).

If you are getting shutdown you have to improve cooling.

If this is happening in your room, please do the following…

1.   Make sure it is simply not too hot in your room.   Keep the thermostat at a reasonable level.   When the room is too hot, the projector will not work.

2.  Use your remote control for the projector and see if you can find the FAN SETTING, (usually located under INSTALLATION OPTIONS).  If you can locate this setting, change the fan to HIGH.  (not Normal, and not HIGH ALTITUDE, just HIGH).  This will increase the speed of the fan, thus circulating more air, and this has resulted in much less overheating for several teachers.  (The projector will be slightly louder, but after a day or two, you won’t even notice)

3.  Clean the filters located on the projector.  We do this every single month on your behalf, but even with that frequent cleaning, the filters do get clogged on a frequently used machine.   And I don’t mean this to sound insulting, but the cleaner (dust free) that you keep your room, the better the projector will perform.

4..  If none of these solutions work, please put in a webticket and we will explore deeper.  We may can relocate an air vent that is pushing heat on the projector, or it may even be a faulty projector.





My Projector is telling me to clean the filter

Before putting in a ticket on this, know that we clean the filters each and every month.   However, the projector does not automatically know this, so every 1500 hours of use, it begins displaying this message.

If you will take your projector remote control, there is a section called RESET and there you can RESET THE FILTER HOURS.