Do NOT upgrade your smartboard software….

To All Teachers:

​This is a reminder of an email that I sent out on August 5th, 2014

If you get a message asking you if you would like to UPGRADE or UPDATE your SMART software, Please do NOT do so.  If you do, it will install a newer version that we do not have a license for and it will not function.

We will then have to uninstall the newer version and re-install the former version.  Probably a 2 hour process.   And your board WILL NOT WORK until we can get to you to accomplish this downgrade.




Help me, help you! (10 pointers for getting the most out of your tech staff)


“Help me help you!!!”   Yeah, I realize this is a quote from the Jerry Maguire movie, but it is so valid when it comes to technology help.     Here are a few pointers that will allow the technology department to better help YOU!  (and get more tickets closed in a reasonable time frame.)

1.  Please do a webdesk ticket.  This allows us to group locational tickets together as well as prioritize the work for the day.    If you catch me in the hall, I probably won’t remember your computer issue by the time I get back in front of a computer.   (Yeah, I know, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast most days, so help me out here.)

2.  In the ticket, please be as specific as possible.    For example:  “My computer isn’t working” is NOT a good description.   Be detailed.  “My computer locks up everytime I click on Internet Explorer”, is a much better description.    Also, give me as much information as possible both about the problem AND the hardware that you are having issues with.   I would like enough information, so that if I go to your room and you are not in there, I can still duplicate the problem.    Also, let me know what hardware:   “My Teacher computer (a Dell laptop D620 with Windows XP, it has a red Pulaski County Property ID Sticker # of 1205).

3.  I reiterate:  give me the red Pulaski County Property ID Sticker # of whatever computer is giving you an issue.   I can often remote in from another location and fix an issue.   If I can’t remote in, the ticket won’t be closed until I can get to your campus on another day.   Also, having the ID sticker #, allows me to check warranty information before I arrive.

4.  Watch your nouns.    Quite often I get tickets indicating that “my smartboard is not working.” Yet, the issue is with the projector, and not the smartboard.   Again, be specific.

5.  Look through this blog before posting a ticket.   We have several tips and suggestions here that will often allow you to fix the issue yourself.   That is the quickest way to get back up and running.   We are adding more tips, suggestions, and troubleshooting ideas every week.

6.  Phone calls, text messages, yellow sticky notes, emails and catching me in the hall:  These are NOT the way to get your problem resolved.   PLEASE put in a webdesk ticket.   I will get to the issue just as promptly as I can.   Utilizing WebDesk ALSO helps us determine recurring issues with specific hardware or locations.

7.  Include your login and password in the ticket.    No one sees webdesk but the Technology department, so this information is secure.   Sometimes, I will “fix” an issue only to find out later that the computer works fine when I login but does not work fine when you login.    I have a different set of “rights” on our network, and that often allows things to work for me that would not necessarily work for you.   After I fix an issue, I like to login to the computer AS YOU and verify that it works for your login as well as mine.

8.  WATCH your email:   Often when I get a ticket, I will issue a response with either a solution or a question for more information.  This will go to your email.   You can respond directly to the email and our system will automatically update your webdesk ticket with the new information.   But if you don’t respond, your ticket just sits there until I get back around to it.

9.  Please keep the issues related to school hardware as much as possible.   We have well over 2,000 computers and peripherals that we support.   It is really hard to keep these all running when I get alot of “How do I connect my new home wireless printer to my ipad Air” type questions throughout the day.

10.   Check the obvious.    Before putting in a ticket that says, “My monitor is not working”.   Please check the power cable and make sure it is plugged into the wall AND it is securely plugged into the back of the monitor.    And on your computer – REBOOT!   Rebooting a computer will often correct an issue.   Simple but it WORKS!

Thank you – Shelly


My Projector is cutting itself off….

As cold weather has hit us, many of our teachers are turning on the heat in their rooms for the first time this year.    We have had several instances of the projectors then overheating and turning themselves off during the day.

The projector is designed to tolerate some heat, but to control heat buildup through a series of cooling channels through which cool air (room temperature) is drawn by a fan through a foam filter (to keep dust out).

If the room air is too warm and/or anything interferes with the cooling air (blockage/constriction around the projector, dirty intake filter), the projector will run hot and (normally) at some point a protective circuit will turn off the projector (or at least the lamp).

If you are getting shutdown you have to improve cooling.

If this is happening in your room, please do the following…

1.   Make sure it is simply not too hot in your room.   Keep the thermostat at a reasonable level.   When the room is too hot, the projector will not work.

2.  Use your remote control for the projector and see if you can find the FAN SETTING, (usually located under INSTALLATION OPTIONS).  If you can locate this setting, change the fan to HIGH.  (not Normal, and not HIGH ALTITUDE, just HIGH).  This will increase the speed of the fan, thus circulating more air, and this has resulted in much less overheating for several teachers.  (The projector will be slightly louder, but after a day or two, you won’t even notice)

3.  Clean the filters located on the projector.  We do this every single month on your behalf, but even with that frequent cleaning, the filters do get clogged on a frequently used machine.   And I don’t mean this to sound insulting, but the cleaner (dust free) that you keep your room, the better the projector will perform.

4..  If none of these solutions work, please put in a webticket and we will explore deeper.  We may can relocate an air vent that is pushing heat on the projector, or it may even be a faulty projector.




My Smartboard is not working…

A red light indicates that the board is not correctly connected to the computer.  First check all cables to and from the smartboard.   If you do not have a loose connection, reach directly behind the light and press and hold the RESET button on the Controller.   If that does not resolve the issue, then please put in a webdesk ticket.

A Green flashing light usually indicates a software issue.  First, reach directly behind the light and press and hold the RESET button on the Controller.  If that does not resolve the issue, then click on START, MY COMPUTER, C DRIVE, PROGRAM FILES (or PROGRAM FILES (x86), SMART TECHNOLOGIES, EDUCATION SOFTWARE then find and double click on SmartFirmwareUpdater.exe.   If that does not resolve the issue, then please put in a webdesk ticket.

A Green light usually indicates that the hardware and software are working properly.   So, go ahead and put in a webdesk ticket so that we can come and troubleshoot the issue.